you are wearing grey boots in bed     so still and setting    

setting so still      as concrete setting     liquid concrete

poured     no, no     as still as a squirrel     there are  many 


(difficult things)     many ways people can mix    

(too much energy)     mixed tumbled solidified     as still as

a concrete squirrel    you are as still as    boots   


still and grey in bed    like squirrels    but open  

to misinterpretation     holding   the perfect  idea

behind the mix     for consistency  (the perfect mix)


for garden ornaments  and it’s better like this     as squirrels

arboreal scramblers      squirrels leaping     slender bodied

on pencil thin branches             but        heavy cloud 


as concrete      struggles to move  freely    into small details

and small details struggle to flow into long slender bodies 

I have found     I have found      3:1 works well 


it’s recommended for casting     they recommend keeping

them/you     away from the elements     keeping them/you

sheltered     you could even sit in the dark for an hour


they said seasonal variation is a function of fading

but still    they said wait for a gap in the conversation    

don’t interrupt    holding    holding     the idea behind     


they said      burn off energy        in a safe environment    

they recommended the perfect concrete idea       they said     

not to use your hands when you talk     if necessary sit on them






Helen Akers is originally from Hertfordshire and now lives in North Norfolk. She is currently studying for an MA in Poetry at the University of East Anglia. She has been published in   Ink Sweat and Tears and Smiths Knoll.